‘Tis the season…

Do you remember childhood mealtimes where tomatoes and strawberries were only things that you
experienced in the summer months? When you couldn’t find raspberries in December, or asparagus
in February? Seasonality. It is when vegetables and fruit are at their best, without having to ship
them in from 1,000 miles away.
Does familiarity breed contempt in eating terms? Having the same dishes week in week out may suit
some people, but who doesn’t like variety? By taking a seasonal approach, different foods appear
on your plate at different times of the year… and some of us have a real sense of anticipation,
knowing that a favourite vegetable will be returning in a few weeks.
Our chef patron Jean says: “I must admit to real excitement in April, when I know that British
asparagus and Jersey Royal potatoes are just around the corner… and as for the aroma of proper
seasonal tomatoes and strawberries – there’s nothing like it!”
The Dining Room is certainly at the more extreme end of the seasonal spectrum, with our menu
changing every single month – making use of ingredients that are at their peak at that time. As
seasonality is at the heart of the menus, we also make maximum use of local produce with our

Sourcet60 initiative (we source as many ingredients as possible from within 60 miles of Worthing).

Fine dining is often about using the best available elements in dishes and with a seasonal and local
approach, the restaurant tries to get this right.
Studies have also shown that eating seasonal produce is better for your health, as the foodstuffs
have more nutrients than ones grown out of season. Produce also tends to be cheaper, as seasonal
foods tend to be locally produced with reduced delivery costs, and improved freshness. The UK
leaving the EU may also become a prominent factor in where our food will come from.
So why not get back into nature’s rhythms by taking a seasonal approach to your eating and dining?