Our Christmas party menu in Worthing features this deliciously cheesy dish

This is one of our vegetarian main course dishes from our Christmas party menu, and it showcases one of the best local cheeses from Sussex, alongside some interesting flavour combinations and textures.

The crepe batter is made with pasture-raised eggs from Findon (thanks Nanny Sue!), whole organic milk, plain flour and a pinch of salt.  It’s quite a thin batter, to give those luxuriously silky and slender pancakes, with ripples in all the right places.  The crepes are gently fried in butter, then stacked to one side ready for stuffing.

Their contents are a thickened blue cheese sauce – marbled chunks of Brighton Blue by High Weald Dairy melted into a béchamel and seasoned with a few secret herbs and spices.  This is made and then chilled slightly, so that it is solid enough to remain encased in the crepes, rather than leaking everywhere.

The crepes are filled with this cheese sauce and neatly lined up in an oven dish, then baked until golden, bedecked with a sprinkling of Brighton Blue.

California walnuts (they’re not as bitter as their European counterparts) are simmered in a 1:1 sugar syrup for 10 minutes to soften them and imbue them with sweetness.  These are left to cool and then fried in rapeseed oil (very, very carefully and quickly).  The resultant candied delights, with their mahogany sheen, are gently crushed before being sprinkled on the plate with the crepes.

British Cox apples are cored and peeled before being sliced and sautéed gently in butter and light brown sugar, with a splash of vanilla extract.  The golden apple pieces are then added to the plate.

The whole dish is then finished off with a few micro-herbs and presented to our guests, for them to commence their trip to heaven and back…