Our Ethos

We are passionate about the food we create and the ingredients that go into it.

  • We always strive to use locally-sourced top quality ingredients, ideally when they are in season.
  • We aim to make as much as possible from scratch… and that includes breads, pastry, stock and sometimes even cheese.
  • We change our menu monthly to go with the seasons and ensure that fruit, vegetables and fish are at their best.

We look to do whatever we can to be part of our local community and to help out where we can.

Our team

Jon Nulty
The Dining Room – Worthing
Ro Nulty

Our partnerships

  • We have partnerships with local charities, including Guild Care, St Barnabas House Hospice and Care for Veterans – we raise funds through special events, auctions prizes and more.
  • We take part in food festivals all over the South East and Jean makes food demo videos and runs masterclasses and cookery classes so that people can learn more about how to cook.
  • Jean sits on the local chamber of commerce and the Time for Worthing group.

We work hard to promote the great producers of food & drink in the local area

  • We use local suppliers for meat, fish, fresh produce and some condiments
  • We resell some products and recommend them to our customers
  • We work with local wine merchants, independent English vineyards and soft drink producers
  • We have our #Source60 initiative (see below)


This is our initiative to source as much produce and drinks within a 60-mile radius of Worthing.

Some things are not produced locally, but with these elements we use local suppliers and wholesalers. We are very lucky on the South coast to have access to great beef, organic pork and lamb, plenty of interesting fish in the seas, top quality vegetables and fruit.

For drinks, we work with Trenchmore (with their Silly Moo cider) and have a new partnership with Tinwood Estate – one of the longest established producers of English sparkling wine.

Here’s our map of where we are sourcing for the restaurant at the moment.

Showcase all the marvellous produce our region has to offer | The Dining Room Restaurant Worthing