We’re passionate about using local suppliers at our restaurant in Worthing

It’s not a diet supplement, although it may sound like one!  It’s actually our new initiative to make sure we use as much local quality produce as we can in the restaurant.  What it means is that we aim to source as much of our food and drink as possible from within 60 miles of Worthing.  This works out as Hampshire to the West, Kent to the East and Surrey & Berkshire to the North.  Technically, it also includes the English Channel (good for getting our fish, obviously) and a tiny part of France to the South!

Restaurant in WorthingWe’ve got off to a great start, with lamb from Storrington, pork from the Goodwood Estate (through a butcher in Ferring), raw milk and cream from Bury (near Arundel), venison from the Knepp Estate, eggs from Findon, tomatoes from Nutbourne, sparkling wine from Ditchling, cider from Cowfold and craft beers from Poling. 

As we go through 2018, we’re looking to get more and more ingredients from Sussex or just beyond – including beef and veal, poultry, charcuterie, fruit & vegetables and, of course, gin.

What’s more, our menu folders will give you details of who these great local suppliers are, so that you can buy things from them direct as well.  We want to support our local food economy and help to showcase all the marvellous produce our region has to offer.  Watch out for #Source60 on our menus and in our social media posts.